Agro Surfactants

Surfactants (Surface Active Agents) tend to concentrate on the surface of a liquid in which they are mixed. Surface tension causes water to bead on a waxy surface as a result of an energy imbalance, skin effect on the surface. Surfactants reduce the surface tension of liquids causing droplets to spread resulting in increased retention and wetting of the leaf surface. Plant surfaces are composed of waxes while the spray mixture is primarily water. Surfactants consist of two components. One portion of the molecule is hydrophilic and the other portion lipophilic. The surfactant with the hydrophilic end associated with the spray mixture and the lipophilic portion oriented to the lipid containing plant surface functions as a bond between the two. The result is fewer of the spray droplets Bounce Off on impact and they spread more completely over the surface. This results in increased herbicide uptake by the plant hence increased herbicide activity.

Surfactants are classified by the hydrophilic portion of the molecule. There are three important classes of surfactants:


Anionic surfactants ionize in water to form a negative ion.


Cationic surfactants ionize in water to from a positively charged ion.


Nonionic surfactants contain no ionizeable groups and therefore carry no charge. They are by far the most common surfactant type available to the applicator.

Pesticide Emulsifiers

CRISTOL Emulsifiers can be offered as specially formulated blends of various emulsifiers comprising a single system or a two-component binary system using combinations of emulsifiers for various EC formulations. These emulsifiers provide outstanding stability as well as excellent emulsifiability to EC formulations of insecticides, herbicides and weedicides. Because of their inert chemical nature these emulsifiers do not have any deteriorating effect on the base insecticides, herbicides and weedicides nor do they exhibit any phytotoxic effects.

Our emulsifier system offers a significant flexibility to the formulator, enabling a high and constant standard of formulation (emulsifiable concentrate). These emulsifiers have the capability of accommodating industrial variations that are general to the characteristics of the solvent and toxicant. Larger variations can also be accommodated by changing the ratio in which these emulsifiers are used rather than by resorting to a higher dosage of emulsifiers.

Spray Oil Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are the essential tools that enable the base oil in Winter & Summer spray oils to work. CRISTOL emulsifiers were chosen after extensive research, screening and testing to add no phytotoxic risk, provide superior tank mixing and minimal droplet rebound on impact, and the ability to thoroughly and evenly spread over the leaf.

Suspensibilty Booster for Wettable Powder Formulations

Suspensibility of the formulation clearly dictates the quality of the Wettable powder formulation, its application and its residual effect on the agricultural produce.

CRISTAPOL-DP1 is a powerful suspensibility booster and versatile wetting cum dispersing agent in agrochemicals formulations like WDP, WDG and flowable concentrates when used in synergy with surfactants based on naphthalene and phenol sulphonic acid condensates.


Improved wetting and dispersing properties.
Enhanced suspensibility to the tune of 5 to 8%.
Low dosage of surfactants.
Enhanced shelf-life of the formulation.
Compatible with all pesticides.