Antioxidant / Stabilizer for Paints

Oxidation leads to a number of chemicals changes in the original composition of the coating. This can eventually result in undesirable performance and appearance changes in the material. In the paint industry, antioxidants are used to offset these effects.

Tri Phenyl Phosphite (CAS NO 101-2-0)

CRISTOL-TPP is a versatile aryl phosphite, which is used as a stabilizer in many types of Paints, Coating, Inks, Epoxies etc. It is used to reduce the colour of the long oil Alkyd resin. These Alkyd resins constitute the most widely used resins in the manufacture of synthetic enamel paints.

Vegetable and non-vegetable triglyceride oils are the main ingredients in alkyds. Under the drastic manufacturing conditions for alkyds there is a possibility of the unsaturated fatty acid getting oxidized thereby producing an inferior colored and partly polymerized product. This ultimately affects the brightness, color and film properties of the final paint. The above defect can be overcome by using CRISTOL-TPP in the manufacturing of Alkyd Resins.Antioxidant