Biocidies / Preservatives

Many cosmetics contain water and organic matters. This makes them extremely susceptible to microbial growth and spoilage.

How do microbes spoil Cosmetics?

Microbes can have the following harmful effects on cosmetics:

Change in the pH of the formulation and break down of emulsions.
Changes in the smell of the formulation due to the production of smelly and volatile metabolites.
Production of gas, which can result in swelling of containers.

Biocides/preservatives are substances used in cosmetics to prevent such bacterial and microbial contamination and. rancidity of products. In fact, preservatives have become almost as ubiquitous as water in cosmetic products.

Not only do these preservatives perform well against the microorganisms that could spoil the cosmetics after their packaging, but they also kill the subsequent contaminants, during the time the cosmetics are used.

In this regard, KRISHNA offers two extremely effective preservatives. Depending upon the nature of the formulation, these can be used on their own or as part of blends.


CRISTOL-PE is a time tested preservative extensively used in the personal care and pharmaceutical industry. It is accepted and approved all over the world by international bodies such as Cosmetic Toiletry Fragrance Association, USA, European Economic Community and the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare. It is also a listed preservative in British Pharmacopoeia and US pharmacopoeia.

CRISTOL-PE is a versatile preservative with particularly good performance on Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, and against yeast and moulds. In addition, it is soluble in oil and partially soluble in water. This facilitates easy incorporation of the molecule in cosmetic formulations. It has a good solvent power for esters of para-hydroxybenzoic (PHB) acid (Parabens). Phenoxyethanol and parabens when used together form a beneficial synergy for formulators.

Because of its favorable toxicology profile, CRISTOL-PE is particularly recommended in products that remain on the skin for long periods of time such as moisturizers. In fact it is considered one of the safest preservatives for cosmetics.

It finds application as a preservative in a wide variety of skin care products such as creams; cosmetics and hair care products such as shampoos, bath gels and other rinse off products. It is also used in surfactants, raw materials for cosmetics and anti bacterial pharmaceutical preparations. It is also extensively used in Perfumery formulations as a perfume fixative.


CRISTOL-831 is an excellent preservative used as a disinfectant in cosmetics. It is effective against gram – negative as well as gram – positive bacteria and fungus. It is excellent solvent for Parahydroxy – Benzoic Acid Ester, It can be used with other active ingredients. CRISTOL-831 has an exceptional toxicology profile and is suitable for use over a wide pH range. It is also an effective alternative to Phenoxyethanol.