Castor Oil


CRISTOL-Premium, made from a special grade of castor oil, is a highly stabilized form of castor oil. It is processed with proprietary know-how to remove impurities responsible for odor and taste of castor oil and therefore CRISTOL-Premium is odorless and colourless. It is specially treated with high resistance to oxidation with odourless and tasteless character conforming to US pharmacopoeia requirements. It also contains a special FDA approved antioxidant to further enhance oxidative stability of the oil. Samples of CRISTOL-Premium have decisively shown that their peroxide number (indicative of the extent of oxidation) does not increase significantly over a long period of time.

CRISTOL-Premium is a staple item in the formulation of Lipsticks & pigment grinds. Also an effective emollient, moisturizer & lubricant, it is utilized in the formulation of variety of creams, lotions & pigmented products. The product is a superior pigment wetter, able to solvate a wide variety of solutes and is non-comedogenic, stable & moisturizing. Key applications are in Personal care products. Recommended use levels are Pigment Grinds – 45-70%; Lipsticks – 15-40%; Creams & Lotions – 2-5%.