Many cosmetic products are based on emulsions – small droplets of oil dispersed in water or small droplets of water dispersed in oil. Since oil and water don’t mix, emulsifiers are added to produce the small droplets and to prevent the oil and water phases from separating. Emulsifiers work by changing the surface tension between the water and the oil , thus producing a homogeneous product with an even texture.

CRISTOL–LAROX (Alcohol Ethoxilates)

Range of specially stabilized alcohol ethoxylates from water soluble (high HLB) to oil soluble (low HLB) for special emulsions. Application areas include shaving foams, creams, and lotions. Strong stability to pH variations.

CRISTOL-4000(Polyethylene Glycol)

CRISTOL-4000 is high molecular weight Polyethylene Glycol. It’s neutral, odourless, non-irritating, water soluble properties afford versatility in formulations. It is not sensitive to oxidation and does not act as nutrient for microorganisms. CRISTOL-4000 can be used for adjusting consistency in deodorant sticks, hair creams, face creams, shaving cream and depilatories. Also recommended as an aid in soap production as a milling auxiliary, to increase sharpness of molded contours and to prevent drying and cracking as well as aid lathering properties leaving the skin feeling pleasant after drying.

CRISTOL–GEMESTER (Glycerol Hydroxy Stearate)

CRISTOL–GEMESTER is an Auxiliary emulsifier with properties approaching beeswax. CRISTOL–GEMESTER can be used as an alternative to glycerol monosterate with additional benefits like emulsion stability, bodying, thickening properties, emolliency, greater dispersibility of colorant and active materials. Recommended areas of application: Anti-perspirants sticks and roll ons, shampoos, rinses and conditioners, creams and lotions, hand and body lotions, suntan lotions etc.