Latex Coagulant

CRISTOL-CPA 700 is a low-medium molecular weight cationic latex coagulant recommended for use in the manufacture of synthetic rubber such as SBR, NBR etc. It is very effective in emulsion breaking and production of white rubber from latex. It is useful in coagulation of particles and clarification. It is particularly useful in the production of white rubber because of its low colour.

CRISTOL-CPA 700 is recommended as an auxiliary coagulant along with Acid-salt coagulants during manufacture of Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) etc. for maximum efficiency.

CRISTOL-CPA 700 when used in the manufacture of Synthetic rubbers gives the following benefits.

Effective separation of polymer and aqueous layers.
Replaces Brine
Improves clarity of aqueous layer/mother liquor
Effective coagulation and faster setting
Reduces fine loss.