Phosphites Range

Phosphites are extensively used as secondary antioxidants in manufacture of various polymers and synthetic rubbers to improve colour, processing, heat and UV stability.

Phosphites are primarily used as Process Stabilizers to prevent the decomposition of polymers during processing. Indirectly they help in long-term stability of the polymer and minimize the extent of degradation of the polymer during processing.

Phosphites retard polymer degradation. This degradation can be measured by a variety of methods but the most accessible method is colour. Phosphites give better process ability, which is most obviously manifested as better colour. Phosphites provide a superior stabilization package that will allow the processor to expand the range of processing conditions without losing desired physical properties due to polymer degradation.

Phosphites are important co-stabilizer especially in combination with mix-metal stabilizers. In many countries TNPP is approved in the manufacture of food packaging materials and is frequently combined with non-toxic Ca / Zn – Stabilizers.

Thus phosphites find application in manufacture and processing of a wide range of Polymers, Styrenics, Engineering Thermoplastics, Synthetic Rubber such as Polyolefins, ABS, SBR, PBR, NBR, PVC, Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Adhesives, Coatings, PVC Sheets / Films, PET, Nylon, etc.