Speciality Biodegradable Solvent

Cristol Clear

Cristol Clear is a highly purified and stabilized form of castor oil.

By a proprietary process, the stability of castor oil as regards rancidity is improved considerably. Studies on peroxide value determination of stored samples of CRISTOL CLEAR have decisively shown that the peroxide number (indication of extent of oxidation) does not increase significantly over a long period of time.


Cristol Clear is highly recommended in agrochemical formulations where a highly biodegradable, eco-friendly and stable solvent is desirable. It is also used to solvate a wide variety of solutes. Due to its high stability, the active in the formulation will not destabilize over a long period of time.

Product Benefits

Insect repellent
High solvency power
Eco friendly
Low acidity
Non corrosive
Highly stable
High Boiling Point