Sulphated Castor Oil

cristol Tro 80%
sulphated Castor Oil – Sulphated Castor Oil

cristol-tro 80% is a Biodegradable, Aqueous Solution of sulphated Castor Oil. It is a Low Foaming Surface-active Agent and Lubricant Which Provides Effective Dispersing and Emulsifying Performance for Oil, Waxes, Fats, Dyes and Pigments.

it is An Excellent Biodegradable Lubricant for Textiles Scouring and Bleaching Operations for Both Knit and Woven Goods. It is An Effective Dye Leveler for Dying Nylon, Acetate and Arnel Fibres. It is An Excellent Rewetting Agent for Textiles and Surface Wetting.

cristol-tro 80% is An Excellent Milling Aid and Dispersant for Pigments and Opacifying Agents Used in Textile Printing.